Brief history of our church
We Believe….

That the Bible is God’s inspired word and is the infallible authority for Christian living.
That God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
That God became man through the Virgin Birth of Jesus, being fully God and fully man.
That Jesus was crucified, dead and buried, and raised bodily from the dead.
That the Holy Spirit convicts, comforts, sustains, sanctifies, and guides believers into all truth.
That man was created in the image of God, that he sinned in Adam, and that he is now a sinner
by nature and by choice.
That man is lost in sins but can receive forgiveness and peace through faith in Jesus Christ
as Savior and Lord.
That all believers are commanded to share the “Good News” of forgiveness and peace
through Christ.
That we will all give an account of ourselves at the last Judgment.
That Jesus is coming again to take those who love Him to spend eternity with Him.
Our Purpose
The purpose of the Evangelical Church is to glorify God by proclaiming to all people the gospel of
salvation from all sin in this life through faith in Jesus Christ.
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The Evangelical church in Fallon today can trace it's roots and beginnings back through the years
to the immigrant families that came to America with a desire for a new life, land and freedom. As
they came many brought with them their faith in God and a desire to worship and fellowship with
others who had come to the area who shared similar beliefs. Records and memories recorded
show that as these families came to an undeveloped land, their desire to meet together lead them
to gather in whatever places that were available. History shows that in the early years as the area
was being developed and grew people met in homes and schools and various other preaching
points where a pastor would travel to hold services. The first recorded service was thus held in
the loft of a newly constructed barn belonging to Fred Brost on April 28, 1910.
This was one of four main Evangelical groups in this area of Prairie County that were established
in similar fashion by the settling immigrants which latter combined to form the present church in
As development progressed and transportation means improved families were able to travel
greater distances allowing them to build churches and combine the smaller fellowships into what
today is one church building and fellowship of the Evangelical Church in Fallon.
The first fellowships formed it this area were associated with the Evangelical Church a
denomination which latter joined together with the United Brethren Church to form the
Evangelical United Brethren Church (EUB). Years later when plans were made to merge the EUB
with the Methodist denomination, differences became apparent which lead the conferences in
Montana and the Pacific Northwest to form a new denomination, not becoming a part of the
newly formed United Methodist Church. This new denomination took the name Evangelical
Church of North America. The Fallon church is now a member of the Western conference of the
Evangelical Church of North America and the denomination continues to expand as the Lord
grows this part of His church.